Thursday, 14 August 2014

Wickham Motorcycle Cafe

JaTo and La on Wickham Motorcycle Cafe,

Wickham Motorcycle Cafe is located 3 Throsby St, Wickham.

Sorry for the long wait in between blog posts! I've been really busy then I have been quite sick. I hope this post makes up for it!! Look forward to the regular blog posts again!

I got my usual cappuccino which was really good, hit the spot. To got her usual piccalo which she said was also really good. Only due to our snob factor we concluded Wickham's coffee was really good but not the best of our snobbish tastes. Still a deserved quality 8/10.

Wickham Motorcycle Cafe had a really cool breakfast-style menu. Some of the names included: The Fuel Up, The Burnout, The Vespa and The Kickstart. But for more of a feel on what sort of breakfast menu to expect some of the delicious choices include: big breakfast, smashed avocado, museli and a scrambled eggs with thick toast with delish add on options. Ja and La were on the same wavelength and went straight for The Collision (smashed avocado with lemon, rocket and sourdough). It was really, really yummy! To got The Burnout (homemade baked beans with thick cut toast). She really enjoyed her breakfast and commented how delish the homemade beans were. Overall really lovely breakfast food an 8/10 for food.

As the name suggests Wickham Motorcycle Cafe has a really cool hipster motorcycle theme/ atmosphere. Everything about the whole cafe is well thought and put together, even down to the menu names. They have transformed a big space into a balanced mixture of tables and chairs and racks filled with vintage motorbikes and scooters. Really awesome vibe coming from inside and out. Apart of the Cafe is a cute little clothes shop a must see! Easy 5/5 for atmosphere.

Wickham Motorcycle Cafe has the cool funky hipster warehouse turned cafe down perfectly with it's motorcycle themed flair. The coffee is really good and a great breakfast menu with delish options. Overall we definitely recommend you try Wickham Motorcycle Cafe for breakfast. Overall rated 21/25.

Brunch on Newcastle,
Ja and Company xoxo.

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