Friday, 18 July 2014

Vincents Cafe

Ja, Juxx and RK on Vincents Cafe

Vincent's Cafe is attached to Coliseim Antique shop 116 Maitland Rd Islington.

Vincent's coffee was really nice and smooth the way I like it. Juxx and RK really enjoyed their cappuccinos whereas I thought it was a little weak. I do like a strong coffee. That is the only fault I can give them. Really lovely coffee. Rating of 8/10.

RK and I couldn't go past the French Toast with bacon, ricotta and maple syrup. We both really enjoyed it. It wasn't in my top French Toast list however. Juxx got the banana bread with butter. She also really enjoyed her breakfast. Overall the food was good standard breakfast food but it wasn't great. Overall we gave them a food rating of 6/10.

The waitstaff were really lovely and the whole place had a cool antique vibe. The antique shop attached added to the cool vibe of the place. A solid 4/5 for atmosphere from us.

Overall we really enjoyed  our breakfast at Vincents Cafe. It was really good to try something different a totally different vibe. The decent sized breakfast menu and the breakfast itself was really good, not great. Coffee was really good and the atmosphere had its own funky charm. Overall a rating of 18/25.

Brunch on Newcastle,
Ja and Company xoxo.

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