Saturday, 23 August 2014

Cafe Inu

JaTo, La, A1 & D2, Le and Wolf on Cafe Inu.

Cafe Inu is located at 43 Denison St, Carrington, a cafe with a Japanese twist.

I got the iced coffee as I felt something a bit sweeter. It was huge and exactly what I needed, twas delish. Wolf and D2 got cappuccinos which that rather enjoyed. To got her usual piccalo which was really nice. La got a chai latte which she enjoyed. A1 got a mixed berry smoothie which he really enjoyed. Overall the coffee and all the drinks were really nice and reasonably priced. A cappuccino being $3. Overall we give a rating of 8/10 for coffee.

I got the big breakfast. It had really big, fried eggs, really lovely bacon, little sausage, bread and fried lotus chips. The fried lotus chips were really nice and gave it a little Japanese flavour. To got the muesli with fruit and yogurt, which she said was very nice. Wolf, Le, D2 and A1 got egg and bacon rolls, which were huge! A1 also got a banana bread which he had to share with everyone because he was full from his bacon and egg roll. La got the most interesting breakfast egg, tomato, lettuce, sprout, with tofu and lotus chips on rice. She really enjoyed her unusual breakfast. All in all really affordable breakfast options with some Japanese flair 7/10 for food.

Really loved the atmosphere at Cafe Inu. Another warehouse turned cafe whose space is well used. Funky miss match furniture and cool potato sack art on the walls gave the cafe it's own unique flair. Easy 5/5 for atmosphere.

The funky Cafe Inu in Carrington with Japanese flair has turned a warehouse into a really funky cafe. The coffee and beverages at really decent prices are lovely from their piccalos to their smoothies. The food is also very affordable, sizable and really lovely. Overall Cafe Inu gets a rating of 20/25.

Brunch on Newcastle,
Ja and Company xoxo.

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