Sunday, 31 August 2014

Chars Cafe

JaTo, La, A1 & D2, Le and Wolf on Chars Cafe.
Chars Cafe is located 82-84 Belford St, Broadmeadow.

I got my usual cappuccino, Wolf got one also which was really lovely, nice and smooth. To got her usual piccalo and said the same. Really lovely coffee. A1 and Le both got mixed berry smoothies which they really enjoyed. The smoothies were big and delicious. La was most impressed with her chai latte saying it was "the best she has ever had". Overall really happy with the coffee and drinks, an easy 8/10.

Chars Cafe had a good combination of breakfast and brunch on their menu. I got the acai blended in a yogurt smoothie type consistency with muesli and coconut shavings on top from the super healthy menu. It was so delish, really want to go back there specifically for it. Also I got a delish blueberry bagel which I couldn't resist. To and La got similar breakfasts both having cherry tomato, avocado and rocket on sourdough, with To having scrambled eggs on hers. Both really enjoying their breakfasts. A1 & D2 and Le all got the egg and bacon burgers which were really generously sized. Wolf got the small pikelet sized pancakes with maple syrup, she said was good. All our breakfasts were a generous sized and really reasonably priced. A 9/10 for food from us.

Chars Cafe had its own funky hipster theme, which I love. Awesome mix matched seating and funky old photographs of people. It had a really relaxed comfortable vibe about the place. A 5/5 from us.


Chars Cafe had really lovely smooth coffee, exactly what you need in the morning. Smoothies were big and also fruity and delish. Food was extremely delish, generous servings and reasonably priced. We would highly recommend a visit to Chars Cafe, really enjoyed the relaxed hipster atmosphere, great coffee and great food. Overall Chars Cafe gets a rating of 22/25.

Brunch on Newcastle,
Ja and Company xoxo.

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