Friday, 4 July 2014

Baked Uprising

Ja and La on Baked Uprising,

Baked Uprising is in Maryville, Corner of Downie and Hogue St.

I got my usual cappuccino which was really nice. It was nice and smooth and a very good strength. Really enjoyed it! La didn't get anything to drink because unfortunately Baked Uprising doesn't have chai latte. So overall we must give baked uprising a 7/10 for coffee.

Baked uprising had some really lovely brunch style options. I couldn't resist how amazing the muffins looked so we got one to share. It was delish I wished I had room for another one! I tried and LOVED the quinoa porridge with coconut and caramelised coconut on top. Not a major lover of porridge but I tried it anyway and really enjoyed it. La got the muesli with yogurt and fresh fruits. She said it was really enjoyable and a recommend. Other options include fruit toast with anything extra, toasties and freshly baked croissants and pastries. If we didn't think it could get better I bought sourdough bread which I had for lunch and it was you guessed it amazing! A solid 9/10 rating for food.

Baked Uprising had it's own funky hipster vibe. It is situated in a warehouse-type building which gives heaps of room for funkyness. Good use of space where it doesn't feel too big or too small, too cramped or too open. Only one small criticism there isn't enough seating! It gets so popular they should take advantage and put in more seating, especially outside, it is lovely there in the sun. Still have to give it a 5/5 though!

Baked Uprising is the place to brunch, drink coffee and get your weeks bread and pastry. The deliciousness will have you coming back for more. Not only a place for brunch and coffee but somewhere to get your dose of breads and pastries. Overall rating of 21/25.

Brunch on Newcastle,
Ja and Company xoxo.

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