Friday, 13 June 2014


La, Ja and A1 on Suspension,

Suspension is located at 3 Beaumont St, just past the train track into Islington.

I got a cappuccino in a mug and it was mwah! It was smooth and strong, even in the giant cup! A1 got a large hot chocolate, which was up to his high standards. La wanted a chai latte, but they did not serve it so La tried her first ever coffee, a small cappuccino. A1 and I suggested she tried it with hazelnut or caramel syrup for a first time coffee drinker. Unfortunately they did not have any syrups either. They kindly offered honey for La's first cappuccino. La didn't mind it, but not her favourite, we will soon turn her! Overall the drinks were really good however they could opt to widen their drinks menu. Coffee rating of 8/10.

Suspension had a more brunch style menu. Their menu was limited to toasties, muesli and bagels. So if you're just looking for a quick toasties or bagel with your cappuccino in the morning Suspension is the place to go. I got the bagel with honey, cinnamon and ricotta which was delicious. It was a good price but I needed more to fill my never-ended tummy. La got the spiced chickpea, spinach toasted wrap and yogurt which she sad was very yummy. She enjoyed the yogurt and spiced chickpea combination. A1 got the Big Breakfast Toastie. He really enjoyed it, however was left feeling like more. Overall Suspension has nice brunch food for the non-adventurous types. Food gets a 7/10 from us.

We really enjoyed the atmosphere at Suspension. It has a relaxed grungy hipster vibe about it. The back courtyard was spacious filled with odd furniture, herb garden and overgrown plants. On the back walls are awesome murals which add to tcool hipster vibe. We felt the place had a 'kid friendly' atmosphere with toys for them to play with, even some in the trees. You don't feel imposed by the children playing because the space in the courtyard is so big. Great all-round atmosphere. An easy 5/5 atmosphere.

You go to Suspension for the cool, relaxed, grungy atmosphere and stay for the smooth, strong coffee. There are some good brunch options for those who are feeling a bit peckish. Overall we enjoyed and recommend Suspension for awesome atmosphere and great coffee. Overall Suspension has a 20/25 rating from us!

Brunch on Newcastle,
Ja and Company xoxo.

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