Friday, 30 May 2014


JaTo on Saluna,

Saluna is at 137 King St, Newcastle.

To got there early and got herself a soy piccolo, which she particularity enjoyed. I ordered a cappuccino which was beautiful. It was strong and smooth, the more I drank the more I enjoyed it. Can't say much more it was really nice coffee. Great coffee deserves a great rating of a solid 8/10 for coffee.

As I am sure you are all aware my reviews are just a snapshot in time. We did wait a long time for food (roughly 45min) which was disappointing. When the food came out they were on really cool retro stone like plates. To got the half serve Saluna benedict on poppyseed bagel which she very much enjoyed. I got the hash brown with poaches eggs on tomato kasundi and added sourdough bread. I was a little disappointed it didn't already come with bread, however that is a personal preference. I really loved the hashbrown, it was big and had a unique flavour which I really loved. Other brunch/ breakfast options from Saluna include: poppyseed bagel, bircher museil, roasted mushroom on toasted ciabatta with goats cheese, big breakkie and more, not to mention the specials menu!! Lots of awesome options for your weekend brunch/ breakfast! Food rating is a good 7/10.


I really enjoyed the retro feel of Saluna which had it's own hipster vibe about it. It has a really chilled vibe about it. Staff were lovely, extremely friendly which contributed to the welcoming relaxed feel about the place. There are different furniture from normal seating to funky stuffed potato sacks acting as cushions for you to sit on. Apart from how long breakfast took to come out this place ticked all my boxes on atmosphere. A great 4/5 rating for atmosphere.

Overall we can easily say Saluna had great coffee, good food and that cool hipster vibe I love. Easily an all rounder, definitely a place to try out for your next brunch/ breakfast adventure in Newcastle. You can walk to the shops on King St and right around the corner check out the shops in the mall. Overall Saluna gets a good rating of 19/25.

Brunch on Newcastle,
Ja and Company xoxo.

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