Thursday, 22 May 2014


JaTo on Honey

Honey is situated in the mall, 111 Hunter Street Newcastle
It is the shop where One Penny Black used to be.

I got my usual cappuccino and it was a good cappuccino. It satisfied my snob standards for coffee. I was extremely happy with it, it was smooth and a good strength. To decided to go for a berry frappe and she really enjoyed it. It was nice to have a refreshing frappe in the morning sun in Newcastle's beautiful mall. Overall we rate the coffee 7/10, very good coffee.

Honey serves a brunch style menu with a few classics and some with added flare. I choose to go with something different: corn balls with mint cucumber yogurt and side of corn, cucumber and tomato. When I saw it I was wowed. Very well impressed with the presentation and how much was on the plate, also it was amazing. To got a very yummy breakfast bruschetta off the menu. Really nice and accommodating waitstaff. I couldn't help myself and got a small sweet for myself after brunch, an amazing friand! The raspberry friand was all heated up and it was amazing. We gave the food rating a solid 8/10.

We really loved Honey's atmosphere. It was a beautiful autumn day, there's plenty of seating outside in the mall in the sun, was divine. As you may suspect honey is the theme of the cafe. The outside is painted to look like honeycomb. The beautiful fresh flowers on the table added to the sweet feel of the cafe, you feel happy to be there. The lovely waitstaff also contributed to this feeling. Easy rating of 5/5 for atmosphere for us.

Honey is an all-rounder brunch spot right in the middle of the mall. It has good coffee, great brunch food and an amazing atmosphere. We recommend for your brunch needs to try Honey in the mall. Overall we give Honey a rating of 20/25.

Brunch on Newcastle,
Ja and Company xoxo.

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