Monday, 3 November 2014

Sweet Bean Cafe

Ja, Pan, A1, V and Cassa on Sweet Bean Cafe.

Sweet Bean Cafe is located 116 Hobart Rd, New Lambton.


I got my usual cappuccino, which was quite nice coffee, very smooth. Pan got an espresso which he also thought was also very nice.  V and Cassa both tried the Snickers smoothies, which they both really liked. Best smoothie from V. Seeing V and Cassa's smoothies both A1 and Pan got one each. A1 got the Crunchie and Pan got the Mars smoothie. Both really enjoyed them. Overall an 8/10 for coffee and beverages.

A1 and myself couldn't not try the scones with cream and jam as a breakfast 'entree'. They were big and nice. Again I couldn't go past the Eggs Benedict with ham. It was nice, decent size but not the best I have had. It was really good for a small kitchen. Pan got the egg and bacon roll which he really enjoyed, again a decent size. A1 and V both got the Sweet Bean Special which they both enjoyed, big and filling. Cassa got the egg and bacon on thick white toast, big and nice. Overall the food was sizable and nice. A nice 6/10 from us.

There is a sweet little cafe vibe about Sweet Bean. On a main road in New Lambton the cafe is a nice spot to stop and have a cappuccino or an awesome smoothie with plenty of out door seating. A 4/5 from us.

Overall we really enjoyed Sweet Bean Cafe. Nice sweet vibe about it, loved the out door seating, smooth coffee and great smoothies. Good, decently priced and sized food. Really enjoyed our breakfast and beverages at Sweet Bean, a 17/25 overall.

Brunch on Newcastle,
Ja and Company xoxo.

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