Thursday, 30 October 2014

Coco Monde

JaTo, La, Pan, A1 & D2 on Coco Monde,

Coco Monde is located on Darby St Hamilton.

Our breakfast crew have been to Coco Monde for their delicious hot chocolates so we thought we should try it for breakfast. I got my usual cappuccino and To got her usual piccalo. Both our coffees were really nice, not top 10 but still really nice. I also got a berry frappe and La got the watermelon frappe. Both were lovely and refreshing. Pan got the iced coffee which was big full of icecream and cream, very tastey. Overall a solid 7/10 for drinks.

A1 and myself both got the Eggs Benedict, A1 got his Spanish style and I got the standard ham and spinach. We both agreed the hollidaise sauce was amazing, however the English muffins were a tad small. Delish, but could've had more bread for that delish hollidaise sauce. D2 and Pan both got the big breakfast, both said it was very delish. La tried the corn and zuccini fritters which she really enjoyed. To wasn't feeling really hungry so she tried the freshly baked breakfast muffin which she also enjoyed. A good 7/10 from us overall.


Atmosphere at Coco Monde was really cool and relaxed. It had the typical chocolateria feel about it, all mocha colour tones. You also can't go past that cake cabinet, so amazing. One slight downfall was the courtyard. The courtyard could be really amazing but it lacked a specific vibe, little plain. Overall it is a place you enjoy and would come back for the coffee and breakfast, so a 4/5 from us.

Your typical chocolateria for breakfast gives you a good range of delicious breakfast options. Good breakfast options, really delicious tasting food. Their coffee is quite good, not top 10 but really nice. Their frappe's were lovely and refreshing. Overall they get 18/25 from us.

Brunch on Newcastle,
Ja and Company, xoxo.

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