Sunday, 13 April 2014


JaTo on Rolador...

Rolador is on 1 Beaumont St Hamilton next to the car park for the train station.

I'm sure most of you have tried their coffee and it's good coffee good coffee. This weekend we couldn't fault their coffee. My cappuccino was strong, smooth and amazing. To got an iced latte and a piccalo. Could not fault either! For us we give coffee 9/10.

We decided on Rolador because I've always gone to Rolador for coffee but never thought about trying their breakfast. When we got there it was busy busy! That was our first indication that food was going to be good. Great breakfast style menu with lots of options. I got the Ranch Burrito, it was amazing. It was big, had nice mince with egg, rocket, potatoes and a beautiful hot sauce with just the right amount of heat. I enjoyed it so much I forgot to leave some for To to try. To got the scrambled egg with pesto on bruschetta. To thought it was amazing but had one small problem, she thought it needed more pesto. So overall we give an 8/10 rating.

I really liked the presentation of the coffee with the retro spoon and the miss match of cup and saucer. Rolador was one of the original hipster cafes in Newcastle and has kept the look up. It was the casual hipster vibe with some tables being on crates around the side near the car park and the old fashion metal chairs. I do have to do a small critique it did feel like we may have been forgotten sitting out the front. It was quite busy however so we can't be too harsh on that. Rating for atmosphere 4/5.

I have to admit I was skeptical going to Rolador because it has been one of the original hipster cafes in Newcastle and I feel a lot of people would've tried it already. I had never be there for breakfast before however so I thought we should give it a go and for some a new review and for some a renewed review. All in all Rolador ticks all the boxes: great coffee, good breakfast and one of Newcastle's original cool casual hipster vibe. The overall rating for Rolador is a solid 21/25.

Brunch on Newcastle,
Ja and Company xoxo.

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