Sunday, 6 April 2014


JaTo on Cazador...

Cazador is half way through the mall: 148 Hunter St Newcastle.

I got my standard cappuccino and To got her usual piccolo. I found the coffee to be quite good. If I were to fault it for anything it was a wee little weak for my liking. To really enjoyed her piccolo, not faults great coffee. We give Cazador coffee a 7/10 rating.

Being more a breakfast person I was very happy when I saw the menu. Nice breakfast style menu, with some of your standard breakfasts (French Toast) and some of your more hipster breakfast menu. I have a bit of a soft spot for French Toast so I couldn't resist. My French Toast was amazing. It had a good amount of maple syrup and enough fruit to have some with each bite of the generous serve of toast. To decided to try something different and got the Kingfish, beetroot, rocket and hollandaise sauce on sourdough. To's something different turned out in her favour. To loved her breakfast, I tried a little bit and it was amazing a great mixtue of flavours. Our rating is 9/10 for food, totally delish.

Love love the hipsterness of Cazador. Inside and out the front feeling of cool hipster. Cazador also does the night scene of hipster bar. We felt Cazador fit both the brunch/breakfast hipster scene and the cool hipster night scene inside and out funk. We loved what they did inside right down the back... you all will have to go check it out ;) One small thing we couldn't let slide was the fake flowers. There are so many cafe's who do the beautiful flowers thing and it does add that something special. No flowers would've been better than fake flowers. Cazadors fake flowers just don't cut it. So for atmosphere we give Cazador a 4/5.

All in all we did really enjoy the Cazador hipster breakfast experience. Decent coffee, great food and good atmosphere. A good combination for a lovely breakfast out with friends, your other half or even by yourself with the paper. The breakfast will leave you so satisfied that you'll want to come back the next day. Overall rating for Cazador is a 20/25.

Brunch on Newcastle,
Ja and Company xoxo.

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