Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Tufty Hidey Hole Cafe

Ja and G-man on The Tufty Hidey Hole Cafe...

To find The Tufty Hidey Hole Cafe go to 67 Parry St, it's up from Marketown!!

I fell in love with the coffee the mug coffee cup! Then I fell in love with the coffee!! I wasn't sure what too sure what to expect with the coffee and the food. The Tufty Hidey Hole has only been open a month or so and I hadn't heard much about it yet. The coffee was nice and strong and went down smoothly. Exactly what you need in the morning! I rate it a solid 8/10.


The Tufty Hidey Hole Cafe has a all day brunch style (and lunch) menu with a lot of delicious sounding food. Ja got the free-range eggs on sour dough with a side of spinach, grilled tomato and mushrooms. It was very delicious and hit the spot! G-man got the eggplant, feta, baby spinach and smashed chickpeas toastie, a very delicious toastie! All in all brunch was delicious with awesome food combinations which extend to the whole menu. On a side note I loved the actual menu! It was artfully hand-made with felt-tip pen and water paint. I give the Tufty Hidey Hole Cafe 9/10 for their brunch.

Walking inside it's nice and cosy with again my love of hipster feel. Ja strangely fell in love with the high ceiling and drop down lights. On the brick walls there are pictures of water paintings which gives the place a little something extra. Talking with the friendly staff we found out there is an art gallery through the door out in the back. After investigating we found out it was huge! They were in the process of setting up the art but even then we were impressed! 5/5 for atmosphere.

We really enjoyed this new cafe up from Marketown. We loved the coffee, our brunch and the atmosphere. We would recommend people to go and try the Tufty Hidey Hole Cafe's coffee and to have some brunch. The overall rating for The Tufty Hidey Hole Cafe is 22/25.

Brunch on Newcastle,
Ja and Company xoxo.

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