Saturday, 1 March 2014

Sprocket Roasters

JaTo on Sprocket Roasters...
Sprocket is just past the mall 68 Hunter St!

On COFFEE We are in love with Sprocket Roasters coffee! It's always beautiful, strong and smooth!! 
We've had their coffee out of the coffee cart at The Junction Olive Tree Markets and it is always been amazing! We found out why on the wall (every coffee is a double ristretto)!! For us their coffee is a 10/10!
             Ja and To both got lovely lattes in front of lovely flowers!

Ja got the Potato Hash with charred kale, roast pumpkin and sweet potato and egg! To got the special of the day which we found out was the same thing but in omelette form (our bad!)! Our Sprocket breakfast was nice. We feel that Sprocket is the place to go for coffee and have a bagel, or toastie, or a muffin or a Portuguese tart with your amazing coffee! Their bench had lots of these amazing looking brunch food we're keen to come back for!
On ATMOSPHERE We love the earthy feel of Sprocket Roasters! The browns and oranges, the whole set up and yes we said it, we love the HIPSTER feel of it!

The BRUNCH BREAKDOWN Ahhhhh the coffee, we love the coffee <3 ! For the brunch we recommend a bagel, or a toastie, or a muffin or a Portuguese tart! We would definitely come back for the coffee and try more brunchy foods!
Brunch on Newcastle,
JaTo xoxo.

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