Sunday, 12 October 2014


JaTo, La, Wolf, Pan and A1 & D2 on Longbench,

Longbench is located 161 Darby St.

I must admit that I am a night time coffee drinker and have had a take away coffee from here before so I knew it was going to be good. The coffee has a lot of body and is very smooth, very nice coffee. From the 5 cappuccinos we ordered, two mochas and espresso we say the coffee is a really good 8/10.

I have never been for breakfast at Longbench although it being there for many years so I felt it time for me to try it and give it a review. I was pleasantly surprised at how decently priced the food was and the large selection. I got the shashouka eggs which was a great size and extremely delish. To got the sourdough bread with baked beans, which was quite nice and good size. La got the smashed avocado with mushrooms and sourdough. She said it was one of her favourite smashed avocados and was a nice big portion. Wolf got the scrambled eggs with mushroom on sourdough which she said was also really nice. Pan, A1 & D2 all got the big breakfast which was big and delish, just what you need to fuel you for the days adventure. Everyone enjoyed the generous amount of sourdough bread with each breakfast, very filling and delish. Only setback to breakfast was it did take a little long to come out. If you're not in a rush and enjoy a good breakfast it is well worth the wait! Another 8/10 from us.

When brunching at Longbench you must go out to the back courtyard. It gives off an easy, relaxed, funky atmosphere which you'd want to spend all morning in catching up with friends or reading the weekend paper.Longbench has a clean, chic, fresh feel about it. Can't find a fault, 5/5 for atmosphere.

The coffee at Longbench has a lot of body and is very smooth, very nice coffee. If you're looking for decent priced, generous sized food with good sourdough Longbench is the place to go. If you're not in a rush and enjoy a good breakfast in a relaxed cool atmosphere I also recommend Longbench. Really enjoyed the coffee, breakfast and atmosphere. Overall score of 21/25.

Brunch on Newcastle.
Ja and Company xoxo.

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