Thursday, 11 September 2014

Paleo Cafe

Ja, A1 & D2 on Paleo Cafe.

Paleo Cafe is located 52 Cleary St, Hamilton.

I was a bit greedy and got a cappuccino and the smoothie of the day which was Bounty themed: coconut and chocolate. D2 also got a cappuccino and we both thought they were really good and smooth; and the smoothie was also really good, tasted exactly like a liquid bounty. A1 got a black tea, which he said was good, standard. All in all drinks get a 8/10 from us.

Paleo Cafe focuses on healthy eating and good quality food. We were very pleased to say they did not disappoint. I got the Chilli Eggs, poached eggs, baby spinach, coriander, avocado topped with chilli capsicum on the special Paleo bread. A1 got the Eggs Benedict with veggie rosti on the special Paleo bread. D2 got the Bacon and Free Range Eggs. Everything was really really delicious, and we enjoyed the display. The only criticism we had was the meals were a little too small, so delicious but just needed a little more, more bread maybe. Other options include muesli, Banana Pancakes (which the table next to us got and looked AMAZING), Smashed Avocado, Caveman Big Breakkie and BBQ Pulled Pork. They also had a cabinet of small treaties which looked amazing! Would like to come back and give some a try. Overall food gets a 7/10.

The cafe had a really clean, fresh, healthy, chic vibe about the place. The orange and white colour gave it a really fresh feel about the place. They had a small healthy grocery section in the cafe and a small fridge filled with organic water and nudie coconut water, that is quite reasonably priced! Overall I really enjoyed the change from my usual hipster haunts, Paleo Cafe had a really chic feel about it. A 5/5 for me!

The cool chic, healthy eating fresh Paleo Cafe lived up to expectations of healthy eating and quality food. All our food was really delicious and fresh, though it was not as sizable as we would've liked it. Coffee and drinks were also amazing, really smooth coffee and tastey smoothies. I would recommend people to go for coffee, food and atmosphere in Hamilton to Paleo Cafe. Overall rating is 20/25.

Brunch on Newcastle.
Ja and Company xoxo.

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