Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bank Corner

JaTo on Bank Corner...

Bank Corner is on 2 Bellevue St Newcastle West across Hunter Street opposite Spotlight.

I hadn't heard much about Bank Corner so I wasn't sure what to expect from my coffee. To be honest it wasn't the best cappuccino I've had, not the worst either. It was a fairly bitter cappuccino for me. It was odd because To's soy piccolo latte was up there, To rating it a 9. I wanted to get another coffee and check it wasn't a mistake so I got a single origin espresso (offered by the lovely staff might I add). Again disappointed, wee too bitter. To also got another soy piccolo this time hers was good but not as amazing as the first one. We're going to conclude the coffee bean works well with their soy milk. Hate to do it but we give 6/10 rating for coffee.

Being slightly disappointed by the coffee we were very pleased with our awesome breakfast. On the brunch style menu Ja got the fried egg on brown sourdough with ham and avocado. To got the scrambled eggs on brown sourdough with mushroom and spinach. Both simple breakfasts both amazingly done!! Tickling our taste buds we really enjoyed our breakfast we put them up there! 8/10 for our breakfast.

Driving down the road when I saw it I really loved the look of it. Beautiful old school building with a green shop shade with a sign that says 'Espresso Bar' on top. The whole decor was beautifully done in true to form hipster fashion all the way out into the courtyard. Even the bathroom was hipstered up, in a Harry Potter staircase cabinet. Yes yes it's a 5/5 on atmosphere for us.

All in all even though I was not impressed with the coffee I still enjoyed going to Bank Corner. I would give them another chance for coffee because I really enjoyed the brunch, lovely staff and the atmosphere but I'm thinking they may need to change their coffee bean for my tastes. All in all the Bank Corner has our overall rating of 19/25.

Brunch on Newcastle,
Ja and Company xoxo.

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